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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...



Overall review

This international workshop aimed at giving an up-to-date description and review of the different materials and technologies currently being implemented for various energy applications, with a special focus on renewables.
Fundamentals aspects, as well as modeling and characterization have been widely covered, foccussing on :
  • materials for energy conversion,
  • materials forenergy storage,
  • materials for an efficient use of energy.
The workshop also provided an overview of the most promising materials being investigated in these domains.

52 participants to this first MAT4ENERGY Conference
  • more than half were young researchers ( 8 Post-Docs and 21 PhD students), 
  • more than 85% presented their work : 5 plenary lectures, 12 invited talks, and 28 posters .
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Prizes for best poster
8 Posters were awarded at the end of the conference :
CEMAM Prize APL Materials Prizes Materials Horizons prizes
  • CEMAM prize to Deepak DUBAL (ICN2 / CSIC-ICN - Barcelona - Spain)
  • 4 APL Materials prizes to :
    • David DODOO-ARHIN (1st gold prize / University of Ghana - Legon-Accra - Ghana)
    • Marie Le GALLIC (2nd gold prize / LMGP - Grenoble - France)
    • Anouk PERRET (1st silver prize / MATEIS - INSA Lyon - France)
    • Shanting ZHANG (2nd silver prize / LMGP - Grenoble - France)
  • 3 Materials Horizons prizes to
    • Perrine CARROY (CEA - LITEN / INES - Le Bourget-du-Lac - France)
    • Mélanie LAGRANGE (LMGP - Grenoble - France)
    • Rakesh K. SHARMA (LEPMI - St Martin d'Hères - France)
Congratulations to all the winners

Date of update February 13, 2015

Université Grenoble Alpes