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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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 Speaker  Title
 P. Gomez-Romero  Investigating energy [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 B. Masenelli  Nanocharacterization of materials for energy
 F. Sauvage  Materials for photovoltaic : the revival of sensitization of large bandgap semi-conductors
 S. Anton  Piezoelectric materials & energy harvesting
 N. Mingo  The high throughput approach in the search for novel materials: application to thermoelectrics
 J. Canales-Vázquez  Fuel cells technology & progress in SOFCs [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 F. Willaime & Y. Bréchet  Materials for nuclear energy : fusion & fission [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 A. Tarancón  Power-to-Fuel and solar fuel : new words for "old" concepts [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 R. Janot  Materials for hydrogen storage: a short overview [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 R. Bouchet  Materials for electrochemical storage I: Batteries
 P. Gomez-Romero  Materials for electrochemical storage II: from supercapacitors to hybrid storage [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 S. Wimbush  Superconductors
 M. Burriel  Characterization of energy materials by ion beam analysis techniques [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 J. Rodriguez-Carvajal  Neutron diffraction as a tool for studying materials for energy [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 M. Perálvarez  Materials and efficient lighting [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 S. Aksoy  Electro/magneto-caloric refrigeration [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]
 G. Foray & D. Quénard  Super insulation materials for building application [legende-image]1383921684831[/legende-image]

Date of update July 1, 2014

Université Grenoble Alpes