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OUISSE Thierry

Professeur des Universités at Grenoble INP - Equipe NanoMat


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Research activity in the Crystal growth team at LMGP (XTO).

The team is specialized in high temperature crystal growth (as that of SiC), and T. Ouisse is most particularly involved in research about MAX phases, which are recently developed nano-lamellar compounds combining the good properties of metals to that of ceramics, and which might offer the possibility of producing two-dimensional layers in a way somewhat similar to graphene.

Activités / CV

Thierry Ouisse is a university professor at Phelma (PHysics, ELectronics and MAterials), a school of engineers belonging to the Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP), France.
After an Engineer’s degree obtained at Grenoble INP and a PhD related to Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) devices at Thomson-TMS and LPCS (now called IMEP), he was a post-doctoral fellow of the French nuclear agency (CEA), where he was in charge of SOI MOSFET reliability (1991). He obtained a permanent researcher position at the French National Center for Research (CNRS) in 1992, where he founded and headed the Silicon Carbide (SiC) team at IMEP, whose main goal was the development of high power/high temperature SiC devices. He moved to the "Spectro" laboratory (now called LIPHY, Grenoble University) in 2001, where he developed conjugated polymer devices for organic electronics in collaboration with Olivier Stéphan. He moved to Institut Néel (CNRS, Grenoble) in 2006. From 1994 to 2008, he was also involved in nano-device physics activities (SOI quantum wires with the NTT basic research Labs, Atsugi, quantum-coherent electron transport imaging with a home-built, low Temperature AFM at LIPHY and Néel Institute, High Magnetic Field electron transport at LNCMI, etc.).

He is the author of one book on the physics of nanostructures and mesoscopic devices, published by Wiley and ISTE-ltd in 2008

In 2000 he also spent one sabbatical year at IMEL, NCSR (Athens, Greece), where he studied light emission from strongly confined Si structures.
After having re-oriented his research toward materials science and solid state physics, he finally moved to LMGP, Grenoble, and presently works on the growth and on the physical properties of single crystals of various carbides and nitrides with Didier Chaussende.

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Electron Transport in Nanostructures and Mesoscopic Devices: An Introduction

Thierry Ouisse
ISBN: 978-1-84821-050-9
June 2008, Wiley-ISTE
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