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Etudes à l'interface avec la matière biologique
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M. ROUSSEAU Theodulf

Postdoc/Valorization Project Leader - FunSurf (ex-FM2N) group


Laboratoire des Matériaux et du Génie Physique (LMGP) UMR 5628 CNRS – Grenoble INP Minatec 3, Parvis Louis Néel MINATEC CS 50257 38016 GRENOBLE Cedex 1 France

  • Tél. : 33 (0) 4 56 52 93 28
  • Fax : 33 (0) 4 56 52 93 01

Site internet : http://

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Activités / CV

Théodulf ROUSSEAU, received his MSc in Micro & Nanoelectronic at the faculty of Physics, University Louis Pasteur in 2008. Later that year, he joined the Linear Conjugated Systems group, at MOLTECH-Anjou laboratory, University of Angers, where he started his PhD in the field of Organic Photovoltaics (OPV). After 4 years research experience on organic solar cells based on polymers and soluble small molecules, Théodulf ROUSSEAU has moved to Ardeje SME and its spin-off, DRACULA Technologies, in 2012 for 4 years as an R&D engineer to lead OPV collaborative projects, develop OPV cells and modules by digital inkjet printing as well as the lab-to-fab industrial development of Dracula Organic POWER.

In 2017, Théodulf ROUSSEAU have joined the FM2N group of the LMGP laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher to develop solar cells with innovative architectures. This work encompasses the technology development, the validation of proof of concept and the realization of demonstrators in adequation with the various forms of market appetence for this latter. This work is part of a maturation project supported by the CEMAM laboratory of excellence as well as the Grenoble Acceleration and Technology Transfer service (SATT Linksium).

Since May17 : Technology Valorization
Valorization Project leader
at LMGP laboratory (Material and Physical Engineering lab, G-INP/CNRS), Grenoble, FRANCE
Develop solar cells with innovative architecture – Validate PoC and increase technology to higher TRL – Realize proof of market (Early marketing : mailing/phoning/B2B meeting/market study, customers’needs and expectations analysis, Market segmentation targeting & positioning, financial & developpment roadmap) – Realize demonstrators in adequation with market's needs – Propose valorization strategy of the technology – Get formed to Tech Startup creation – Writing funding proposals in collaboration with industrial key partners

2012-2016         Industrial Research & Development (
R&D engineer at Ardeje and DRACULA Technologies, Valence – FRANCE
Mission at Ardeje SME
Development of Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) cells & modules by digital Inkjet printing – Process development at higher TRL – Managing OPV team as well as technical activities – Leading collaborative OPV projects and writing invention proposals

Mission at DRACULA Technologies
Developping OPV industrial manufacturing process & DRACULA ORGANIC POWER – Structuring OPV team – Building innovative & market-oriented R&D projects with European SMEs and research institutes – Scientific advisor & Animation of DRACULA scientific committee

2007-2012         Fundamental Research
Postdoc : Standard & Inverted Organic Solar Cells with metal-oxide interfacial layer
Linear Conjugated Systems Group, MOLTECH-Anjou lab, University of Angers, FRANCE (Mar.- Aug.12)

PhD Thesis in Physics :“Preparation & characterization of organic solar cells based on novel active Materials”, supervised by Jean Roncali, Linear Conjugated Systems Group, MOLTECH-Anjou lab, University of Angers, FRANCE (Oct.08-Dec.11)

Laboratory training: i/ Fabrication and characterization of P3HT/PCBM bulk-heterojunction solar cells at InESS & LIPHT Laboratories – Strasbourg (2008-6M). ii/ Study/Simulation of selective emitter mc-silicon solar cells under DESSIS (ISE-TCAD) – Screen printing metallic contacts on homogeneous emitter silicon solar cells at InESS photovoltaic group – Strasbourg (2007-3M)

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