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Synthèse et propriétés de monocristaux, de poudres, films minces ou hétérostructures

Etudes à l'interface avec la matière biologique

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A research team dedicated to the physical chemistry of materials under high temperatures. We are mainly addressing carbides and nitrides, with a special focus on their crystal growth. The team benefits from a multidisciplinary approach, coupling advantageously experiments, characterization and modelling.

We are addressing:
Basic academic works :
  • study of basic mechanisms (nucleation, growth, doping, surface instabilities …),
  • exploring new compounds (new Wide Bandgap semiconductors, MAX phases, new objects),
  • exploring new crystal growth process concepts and modelling
Application driven works:
  • P-type 4H-SiC substrates for high power thyristors (collaboration Ampère Lab. INSA Lyon),
  • 3C-SiC photoelectrodes for water splitting (collaboration TU Darmstadt)

Investigations are conducted following four lines :

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