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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
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Functional thin films and surface nano-engineering (FunSurf)

The leading activity of FunSurf team is the chemical synthesis of functional materials engineered at different dimensions (i.e. thin films, nanostructures, nanowire networks) to realize innovative devices or to develop advanced surface functionalities.
Our common approaches are based on the development of synthesis processes, on the exploitation of specific shaping of material like nanowires networks and on the understanding by physical modeling and simulation.

Research axis

Within applied and fundamental studies we focus on optimizing the synthesis and properties of functional nanomaterials through the control and fundamental understanding of growth mechanisms, structure-properties relationships, reactions at interfaces and functionalization processes.

Atmospheric chemical deposition of Functional materials

•Thin films: Inorganic (oxides, fluorides)


Nanostructures for sensors

Functionalisation of different nanostructures for sensor:
  • Semiconductor nanowires networks,
  • bio(chemical)sensors,
  • gas sensors, electrical sensors…


  • 01
    The paper "Influence of the geometric parameters on the deposition mode in spatial atomic layer deposition: a novel approach to area-selective deposition" has been published in Coatings.
  • 01
    The paper "The role of humidity in tuning the texture and electrical properties of Cu2O thin films deposited via Aerosol Assisted CVD" has been published in Advanced Materials Interfaces.
  • 28
    The paper "Quantum-tunneling metal-insulator-metal diodes made by rapid atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition" has been published in Advanced Functional Materials.

Written by Maria Carmen Jimenez Arevalo

Date of update October 19, 2018

Univ. Grenoble Alpes