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Bone tissue engineering


Our initial studies (Crouzier et al, Small 2009) have shown that potent osteoinductive growth factors of the BMP family (Bone Morphogenetic Proteins) can be loaded in tunable amounts in layer-by-layer films made of biopolymers. We have now taken two complementary routes: the first one consists in investigating the signaling mechanisms of BMP proteins presented in a "matrix-bound" manner by the biomaterial; the second route aims at coating BMP-loaded films onto implants that are commonly used in orthopedic, dental and maxillo-facial surgery to enhance their osteoinductive properties. We showed that BMP-coated implants made of ceramics (Guillot et al, Biomaterials 2011) and of titanium (Guillot et al, Biomaterials 2013) are osteoinductive in a rat ectopic model. Recently, we proved that a critical size femoral bone defect in rats can be regenerated by combining an initially empty 3D scaffold to our osteoinductive coatings. Notably, the newly formed bone after 8 weeks exhibited typical properties of cortical as well as trabecular bone and was vascularized (Bouyer et al, Biomaterials 2016).

Group Members

   Jie Liu  (Post-doc)
   Isabelle Paintrand (Research Engineer)
   Paul Machillot (Assistant Engineer)
   Vincent Fitzpatrick (PhD student)
   Michael Bouyer (PhD student)
   Antalya Ho-Shui-Ling (PhD student)
   Virginie Lafontaine (Master student)

Selected Publications

Spatio-temporal control of LbL films for biomedical applications: from 2D to 3D.
Monge C, Almodóvar J, Boudou T, Picart C.
Adv. Healthc. Mater. 2015.
Spatial patterning of BMP-2 and BMP-7 on biopolymer films and the guidance of muscle cell fate. 
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Khademhosseini A, Picart C.
Biomaterials. 2014.
The stability of BMP loaded polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings on titanium.
Guillot R, Gilde F, Becquart P, Sailhan F, Lapeyrere A, Logeart-Avramoglou D, 
Picart C.
Biomaterials. 2013.
Secondary structure of rhBMP-2 in a protective biopolymeric carrier material.
Gilde F, Maniti O, Guillot R, Mano JF, Logeart-Avramoglou D, Sailhan F, Picart C.
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The performance of BMP-2 loaded TCP/HAP porous ceramics with a polyelectrolyte multilayer film coating.
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Presentation of BMP-2 from a soft biopolymeric film unveils its activity on cell adhesion and migration.
Crouzier T, Fourel L, Boudou T, Albiges-Rizo C, Picart C. 
Adv. Mat. 2011.

Written by Colette Lartigue

Date of update November 3, 2017

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes