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Grenoble INP
  • Materials and Physical Engineering Laboratory - LMGP
  • Synthesis of single crystals of V2AlC phase
  • Well-Ordered ZnO Nanowire Arrays
  • Bone Tissue Engineering

Research activity at LMGP

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Conférences and Workshops

ERC BIOMIM (Catherine Picart)


The LMGP is a member of Institut Carnot Energies du Futur


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New publications

  • 24
    Published on 24/05/2017
    The review paper "Interface-type resistive switching in perovskite materials" is in the cover page of Journal of Electroceramics
  • 18
    Published on 24/05/2017
    The paper "Benefits and limitations of Pt nanoparticles supported on highlyporous antimony-doped tin dioxide aerogel as alternative cathodematerial for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells" has been published in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
  • 17
    Published on 24/05/2017
    The paper "Transparent Electrodes Based on Silver Nanowire Networks: From Physical Considerations towards Device Integration" has been published in Materials
  • 12
    Published on 12/05/2017
    The paper "Conversion of MAX phase single crystals in highly porous carbides by high temperature chlorination" has been published in "Ceramics International"
  • 21
    Published on 22/04/2017
    The paper "Engineering of Functional Manganites Grown by MOCVD for Miniaturized Devices" has been published in Advanced Materials Interface
  • 20
    Published on 21/04/2017
    The paper "A ZnO/TiO2/Sb2S3 Core Shell Nanowire Heterostructure for Extremely Thin Absorber Solar Cells" has been published in J. Phys. Chem. C.

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Laboratoire des Matériaux et du Génie Physique
Grenoble INP-Minatec - 3 parvis Louis Néel
CS 50257 - 38016 Grenoble cedex 1
  • Tel: +33 (0)4 56 52 93 00 / Fax: +33 (0)4 56 52 93 01
  • e-mail


The LMGP has renewed in 2016 the certification obtained in 2013: ISO STANDARD 9001-2008, setting up an operational organization structure.

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Written by Colette Lartigue

Date of update April 26, 2017

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