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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
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Wet Chemistry & Surface Functionalization

This research addresses two objectives:
  1. to explore different soft chemistry synthesis methods in liquid solution and to study/optimize reaction mechanisms in solution;
  2. to attach species formed in solution on various supports (silicon, glasses, stainless steels, metals, polymers, textiles…) and to prospect/exploit derived surface functionalities.
Most promising results arise from the association of the prospected synthesis methods, which opens the route to a large range of studied functionalities. Recent projects and PhD theses address, for instance, self-cleaning and/or tailored wettability surfaces, antibacterial textiles, sub-micrometric diffraction gratings, SERS sensors, or functional nanowire architectures.

  • Loïc Berthod (PhD student)
  • Thomas Demes (PhD student)
  • Fanny Morisot (PhD student)
  • Morgane Bonnel (PhD student)
  • Maximen Legallais (PhD student)
  • Valentin Gaté (Engineer)
  • LabHC, Univ. Jean Monnet, St Etienne (France)
  • IMEP-LAHC, Grenoble (France)
  • Inst. Chimie Clermont Ferrand / ICCF (France)
  • LTM, Grenoble (France)
  • CEA-LITEN, St Etienne (France)
  • CEA-Leti, Grenoble (France)

Investigations are conducted following
5 research lines :

Sol-Gel Process

Written by Colette Lartigue

Date of update January 7, 2017

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes