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  • Materials and Physical Engineering Laboratory - LMGP
  • Synthesis of single crystals of V2AlC phase
  • Well-Ordered ZnO Nanowire Arrays
  • Bone Tissue Engineering

Research activity at LMGP

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Conférences and Workshops

ERC BIOMIM (Catherine Picart)


The LMGP is a member of Institut Carnot Energies du Futur

New publications

  • 24
    The paper "Visible light-induced insulin aggregation on surfaces via photoexcitation of bound thioflavin T" has been published in Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology
  • 27
    The paper "Exploring the optical properties of Vernier phase yttrium oxyfluoride thin films grown by pulsed liquid injection MOCVD" has been published in Dalton Transactions
  • 18
    The paper "Electronic structure of Cr2AlC as observed by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy" has been published in Physical Review B
  • 18
    The paper "Magnetotransport in the MAX phases and their 2D derivatives: MXenes" has been published in Materials Research Letters
  • 27
    The paper "Oxidation of copper nanowire based transparent electrodes in ambient conditions and their stabilization by encapsulation: application to transparent film heaters" has been published in Nanotechnology
  • 30
    The paper "Role of Phosphorylation in Moesin Interactions with PIP2-Containing Biomimetic Membranes" has been published in Biophysical Journal

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The LMGP has renewed in 2016 the certification obtained in 2013: ISO STANDARD 9001-2008, setting up an operational organization structure.

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