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  • Polarity effects in ZnO nanowires
  • Biomimetic films : Bioactivecoatings
  • Electronic structure of MAX phases
  • Materials and Physical Engineering Laboratory - LMGP

Research activity at LMGP

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ERC BIOMIM (Catherine Picart)


The LMGP is a member of Institut Carnot Energies du Futur


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New publications

  • 27
    The paper "Electron tunneling through grain boundaries in transparent conductive oxides and implications for electrical conductivity" has been published in Materials Horizons.
  • 27
    The paper "Stability enhancement of silver nanowire networks with conformal ZnO coatings deposited by atmospheric pressure spatial atomic layer deposition" has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
  • 27
    The paper "Electrical Mapping of Silver Nanowire Networks: A Versatile Tool for Imaging Network Homogeneity and Degradation Dynamics during Failure" has been published in ACS Nano
  • 09
    The paper "XAFS atomistic insight of the oxygen gettering in Ti/HfO2 based OxRRAM" has been publisehd in Phys. Rev. Mat.
  • 30
    The paper "Phonon dispersion curves in Cr2AlC single-crystals" has been published in Materials Research Letters
  • 09
    The paper "Aluminum nitride thin films deposited by hydrogen plasma enhanced and thermal atomic layer deposition" has been published in Surface and Coatings technology

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The LMGP has renewed in 2016 the certification obtained in 2013: ISO STANDARD 9001-2008, setting up an operational organization structure.

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